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Sally Berry – Profile

Sally has nurtured a deep love of mountain environments since her early teens, this lead her to a degree in Geography and a range of outdoor leader awards. She currently holds International Mountain Leader, Single Pitch Award, Technical Mountain Bike Leader Award and the Alpine Ski Course Leader Award. Her greatest passion is for journeying into wilderness areas, which she undertakes either alone, with her husband Philip, or as a leader of small groups.

She is a tutor and assessor for both Walking Group Leader and SW Moorland Leader Schemes, whilst also contributing to the Devon County Council land based activities advisory panel.

Sally is a qualified SCO Tutor and is also an active member of the National Snowsport England Schools and Youth Committee. She has 20 years experience in leading ski groups in the UK and abroad giving her a considerable depth of knowledge in the field of Snowsports courses. Personally Sally participates in Alpine, Telemark, Cross country and Ski Mountaineering.

In addition Sally is both an Education Visits Coordinator and an authorized LOTC inspector and has trained teachers for many years in safe and effective practices whilst organizing learning experiences beyond the classroom.

As an Accredited Practitioner in Outdoor Learning, Sally is also an approved mentor for aspirant A.P.I.O.L.’s. She is fully committed to the conservation and preservation of our natural environment and as such she is an approved “Leave No Trace” Trainer and TrekWild itself is a Partner of the “Leave No Trace Centre for Outdoor Ethics”. Sally is currently the secretary of the Institute of Outdoor Learning South West Region committee.

As a practicing teacher of both young people and adults, Sally understands the processes involved in the delivery of focused training courses that are relevant, appropriate and active as well as fun, informative and full of learning.

Sally Berry
Sally Berry
Sally Berry
Sally Berry
Sally Berry

Phil Berry – Profile

Phil has been climbing, trekking and camping in wild and high places for 40 years. Trips have included most areas of the U K, the Alps and Pyrenees in Europe and further afield to Africa and North and South America. All of this had to fit in with full-time work and family life but now, together with his wife Sally, Phil runs mountain and wilderness guided journeys, providing outdoor leadership training opportunities for hill walking, mountain biking, skiing and outdoor first aid. They lead guided treks back to those wild places in the Alps and the Pyrenees as well as throughout Britain. These trips extend into the winter as Phil is a keen skier, both backcountry and on piste and leads snowshoeing ventures into valleys and mountains.

He is a skilled and experienced trainer in the field of outdoor leadership, initially as a Youth Worker and latterly running Devon’s Outdoor Education Service. Over the years he has introduced and encouraged a great number of people into the pleasures of leading others in adventurous activities in the outdoor world. He has been awarded a number of leadership qualifications himself and is currently an International Mountain Leader, holds the Single Pitch Award, Technical Mountain Bike Leader Award, Canoe Coaching awards and the Alpine Ski Course Leader Award.

As a Leading Practitioner of the Institute for Outdoor Learning (L.P.I.O.L), Phil is significantly involved in the promotion of quality outdoor experiences for all, both nationally and across the South West Region. As a mentor and assessor he is committed to working alongside others who choose to follow the AP and LPIOL routes. He is fully committed to the conservation and protection of our natural environments and as such is an approved “Leave No Trace” Trainer and TrekWild itself is a Partner of the “Leave No Trace Centre for Outdoor Ethics”.

Phil Berry
Phil Berry
Phil Berry
Phil Berry
Phil Berry


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Sally and Phil,
Thank you very much for the excellent 1st aid course over the weekend.
Sally, like we talked about – the best pieces equipment are those items that are evolved, improved, tweaked, developed over time by people who know and use them. It is obvious that your course (and your knowledge) has done the same – making it infinitely better than many others I have been on. Thank you.
I hope to stay in touch.
The warmest (and driest!) campfire regards,


Mark Lane 30/04/2012 Outdoor First Aid and Emergency Care

Many thanks for the weekend. Great fun and I learnt a lot. I do like the way you guys do things.

Dan Harwood, 03/09/2012. WGL Training

Dear Sally and Phil,
Thank you for a great w/e. I and I can speak for the rest, all learnt a huge amount and are still assimilating a load more. Knees a little stiff this am. Need demisters on glasses. Great cakes and biscuits. But mainly, we all really enjoyed it and your company. Best wishes. John

John Rutter WGL Training 03/09/2012

Hey Sally,
Thanks so much for the course last week. It was one of the most useful courses I’ve ever been on, lots to think about!

Greg Ireland, Isca College. 05/11/2012. Snowsports Course Organiser Workshop

Dear Phil and Sally,
Thank you so much for all the care and help you have given us 4 musketeers.
Phil guided myself through the assessment very gently and as he knows, I was certainly apprehensive at the start. Both of you have given all of us a much greater understanding of what leadership entails and especially the confidence to continue to learn, but equally important, to be aware of what we don't know.
I do hope to see you next year and Sally, a more speedy recovery from your ankle than at present.


John Rutter

Sally (and Phil)
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your great leadership and guidance on the Trail Leaders Course. The week before Christmas is never going to be the easiest for weather and motivation, add to that sick staff and it could have been very hard going.
As it was, the guys here not only learnt a lot, but have absorbed and put into action some of the lessons learnt already. This for me is the proof of the value of the course, but also the impact that you both had on us as leaders. It is understandable that with so much cycling experience and a certain amount of training under our belt already that we could have just gone through the motions however you both made us question ourselves and our actions as well as challenge us to improve.
As we start the New Year we have already made changes to our course, improved our safety awareness and spent more time thinking about the best practice, and that is after a three week break!
Thanks for providing such a motivating and inspirational three days; I hope we are able to learn more from you both in the future.



Richard "neon" Salaman
SBCU Manager
Specialized (UK) Limited
Tel: +44 (0)20 8391 3500
Skype: richard_salaman

Richard Salaman CTC Trail Leader 07/01/2013

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